the lovers

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Latif & Sara

Maggi helped me in ways I couldn't dream. I wanted to create and design a ring to surprise my Fiancé and only had a few conceptual ideas alongside of knowing I wanted to use a raw diamond that was mined with integrity. Maggi is a wizard and helped me get all my thoughts out of my head and into the design of the ring , as well as find a dealer of raw diamonds in Australia that was in alignment with my morality goals. She came up with ideas that complimented my own and evolved my original concept into something my wife and I are madly in love with. I rely'd on Maggi completely, to guide the entire experience, and that means I put a lot of faith in her and I was right to do so. Towards the middle of the process, my wife txt me not knowing I was developing her engagement ring and told me she wanted to be a part of the design process when it happened. I was at a crossroads since I had already invested in the design and didn't want to turn back but also began to have second thoughts about all the work we'd done. Maggi gave me the confidence and courage to complete the ring to our specifications and take a chance. When I finally proposed, my wife melted and immediately loved and adored the ring. So much so she actually felt bad for telling me not to design a ring without her. She was so impressed by Maggi's work that we ended up designing both Saras and my wedding ring which became uniquely our own. To this day there is not a piece of jewelry I get complimented on more and I'm always so happy when I hear people admire our unique wedding bands. If you have the chance to design a ring that is uniquely fitting to who you are then you should do so without hesitation and you should do it with Maggi!


Sommer and Gavin

Gavin and I recently celebrated ten wonderful and exciting years together. I knew he was "the one" from the moment we literally bumped into each other in Fish Ecology during my first semester at WSU. We graduated college, got married, and ventured into the real world together. We've lived in Washington, Arizona, Korea, and two cities in Colorado. We've lived together. We've lived on opposite sides of the planet. We've welcomed two boys into our family. It has been an amazing adventure and I look forward to what's to come.

To honor this occasion, Gavin gave me a custom engagement ring by Maggi Simpkins. This ring is simply magical. I cannot say enough positive things about our experience working with Maggi, her artwork, or this stunning ring that she made just for us.



Erin and doug

In 2006, I began temping as a personal assistant to the CEO of a makeup brand. I had recently graduated college and just moved to Manhattan. On my first day at the Midtown office, the CEO asked me to overnight a large, irregular box. A cute guy in the office directed me to the FedEx down the block. A month later, my boss asked me to locate a DSLR cable and Photoshop her Maltase’s eyes. I decided to reach out to the cute guy for help. I didn’t have his email, so I found him on Facebook. About three weeks later, the day after Christmas, I was fired *. 


Fast forward to 2012, I was living in Downtown LA. I received a Facebook message from that same cute guy after six years of radio silence. He had recently moved to Venice and wanted to check out the Arts District. We met up with friends and spent the night gabbing in a corner. Doomed by a deep, cross-town divide, I was convinced I’d never see him again. We met up two days later and talked for hours about work, our families, and life’s general absurdities. At one point, I was so caught off guard by his beauty that I started laughing uncomfortably. Last call came quickly. After an awkward hug, we parted ways. By our third date, he was my boyfriend. 


Four years later, the cute guy is my late-term fiancé. We plan to get married in the Arts District—a block from our first drink. My old boss (who fired me the day after Christmas) will be in attendance. She’s his godmother. 


* To be fair, I was an awful assistant and she’s Jewish.


Matt and Melissa

If you know Matt, you know what a big deal this is. His views on marriage have changed significantly since the start of our relationship. What hasn't changed is how incredibly thoughtful Matt is and the lengths he'll go to surprise me and make me feel so loved.

With the help of my friend & the insanely talented Maggi Simpkins, Matt designed something that completely surprised me. I couldn't have dreamt this ring up. 

The stone is aquamarine, his birthstone. The ring & setting are rose gold. Believe it or not, our parents have the same names (Patricia & Miguel/Patricia & Michael). There are P's & M's engraved on the sides of the setting for our parents. Underneath the stone, Matt hand drew an elephant & a monkey to represent us (Melephant). Around the band there are 20 leaves on one side (his bday is 3/20) and 14 leaves on the other side (mine is 6/14).

I'm a lucky girl...



Ben and Suze

I write this with bitter sweetness. Because like your favorite restaurant you don't want ruined by the masses, my initial inclination is to keep Maggi's talents to myself and the lucky few who have already worked with her. However, the humanitarian in me transcends and says "the world deserves to know about something so special."

When I first reached out to Maggi to design a custom engagement ring for my now fiancé, I had no clue that I was about to have an experience that would forever impact my life... beyond the obvious.

Maggi's design talent speaks for itself so I knew there was a high likelihood I would be blown away by the ultimate result (which I absolutely was). What I did not realize at the time was that I could experience such genuineness and care from someone i barely knew. This was one of the most important decisions I would make in my entire life and throughout the process it seemed like Maggi felt the same way in her own regard. If something didn't look or feel right, we would talk it through and work together until it felt perfect. If we were stuck about a difficult decision that needed to be made, Maggi would ask thoughtful questions about my fiancé to help us arrive at an easy answer. 

I've heard so many of my friends tell me about how stressful or difficult finding the right engagement ring can be so I thought going the custom route would only magnify those issues. Maggi's expertise, professionalism, responsiveness and authenticity made the process so fun and fluid. 

I had a blast creating the ultimate symbol of love for the person that means the most to me and it is an experience that I will forever cherish.

Thank you Maggi for making it all happen. I look forward to seeing your future creations and knowing how many hearts you will touch along the way.

You are truly special!


Patrick and Lauren

Since I was a little girl, I always envisioned the day that I would say "yes" to the man I would spend the rest of my life with. I was surprised and overwhelmed with joy when the man of my dreams got down on one knee on a private little hill in Central Park and asked me to marry him. It already felt like a dream, but to top it off, he opened the ring box and there lied the most gorgeous ring I had ever seen. Turns out that my fiance had worked with Maggie for months to design a ring that was unique to me. With my fiance's knowledge of my style and spirit and with Maggie's expertise in engagement ring design, they created a work of art that I will have and cherish forever.