Photo by  Mavera Fadaei

Photo by Mavera Fadaei


about maggi

Maggi Simpkins is an expert custom jewelry designer who creates at the intersection of luxury hand-crafted jewelry and social consciousness. She designs modern heirlooms that inspire emotion and convey authentic stories through her collaborations with her clients to create original works of art. Every piece she designs is unique to the highly personalized experience she creates with each client, making all of her work one of a kind. Maggi is honored to create timeless pieces with her clients and feels that including them in the process of designing works of art is magical.


In her words, “I like to create heirlooms, pieces that remind people of times, people and places that can live forever and withstand time. I was first introduced to the significance of storytelling through jewelry when my mom opened her jewelry box and shared the stories behind each piece she had. I learned of relatives and ancestors I had never met through stories tied to their jewelry, and now I think of them every time I wear these pieces. I want my clients to carry their stories and their loved ones with them in the pieces we create together.”


Her design work spans from completely original engagement rings to inspired pieces of jewelry that allow her to empower disenfranchised communities to participate in the craft of creating art. Her more recent work focused on engagement rings has allowed her to witness beautiful moments of true love, which inspire her to continue to create and share in her clients’ life changing experiences. She has also traveled internationally to co-create jewelry through workshops and projects that empower communities to see beauty in themselves through the pieces they create. Maggi’s work allows her to touch people’s lives and create social impact.


Maggi began designing jewelry in 2008 for a private label in Los Angeles. Her designs have been carried in stores such as Fred Segal, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Kitson, and countless boutiques across the nation. Since she created her own independent line, her pieces have been worn by the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Kylie Jenner, Will.I.Am, Jhené Aiko, and many others.


Maggi is originally from Portland, Oregon, which influences her unique design aesthetic. She incorporates her appreciation for natural beauty into every piece she creates. Maggi uses 100% socially responsible materials and a unique blend of reclaimed metals. Each of her pieces is made with love from Los Angeles, where she currently resides with her dogs, Blue and Bella.