Meet the Designer


Maggi Simpkins is an expert custom jewelry designer who creates at the intersection of luxury hand-crafted jewelry and social consciousness.

An heirloom is a time traveling piece passed down through the hands of generations, each fingerprint telling a story that becomes part of the next one. Maggi first fell in love with the magic of heirlooms when her mom shared stories behind the pieces in her jewelry box and the family members that they had belonged to. The magic sparked a passion in her, who felt drawn to create one of a kind pieces that would become heirlooms - their own stories told to generations to come.

Feeling particularly drawn to love, Maggi found a calling to create bespoke engagement rings, which she designs inspired by each couple’s unique love story, connection, and commitment to start a life of marriage together. Through her work, Maggi wants to tell two people’s story and to help them share that story to their children, grandchildren, and beyond.